Friday, 5 July 2013

Checkered Flames

Burn the candle at both ends, avoiding the yearly comas
Untied loose ends, Living the moment till it's over
Seeking forever an answer,  judged and pressed down
Upon finding a place in our generation, I need a relation.
Standing on thin ice, all alone in isolation. 
 I have frights, knowing everything comes with a price
Life is taken it's toll , I'm rolling the dice.
Only to live in surveillance, desperate to get over the fence.
I'm running out of time, why am I so intense.
I am growing and changing,  forgetting I made it.
The game has changed, evolving till I'm lit. 
I look for the future with a re-imagined past
Start a new, love me forever for ever last. 
I'm questioning everything, ever so curious.
I knowing want  to know, ever so serious. 
I've become more bitter than I could ever dream
Yet it's hard to take it all serious in this delusional realm.
Less is less stress, more is more pain for me to guess.
Let me push to the test, again I rest my case. 
The world is above my feet, yet too blind believe it.
I need a push , a wake up call to really feel it. 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

One Year

Sometimes I feel like a stranger. It is a sign I'm growing up later.
I wasn't sure how to live, I wasn't somebody that wanted to give.
But these changes have  occurred to me recently. There's been changes, many many changes. 
I feel all these changes, exchanging through the ages, as I was caged and raging. 
Now I finally realize, what you mean. Everything happens for a reason. 
I read your thoughts, I know what everyone is thinking.