Friday, 18 May 2012


I was giving you everything I thought you deserved
With my trust and fairness I knew you couldn’t bare it
My boxed gifts were never meant for you or myself
They were meant for someone else.
But you kept asking for it, playing the same old childish game.
What do want from me? Just leave me be as the same.

See through my justified ways, you could not face the truth.       
Wanting something you thought you could never get from me, I'm still confused. 
My patience was too much for your needy greed.    
I wouldn’t share that with someone as selfish as you, indeed.

In the end I was the closed door, close-minded, blinded, just me.
In search for my muse, and no it wasn’t you.
All I ever asked was for the cherry blossoms from that tree.
And you wanted to cut it down let it fall on me.
To see me put down to the ground to satisfy your low self-esteem. 
In the end you always were the more fulfilled one but you still had the drive
To see an empty guy get broken and ruin his life.
All I ever wanted was a perfect symmetry,  but you tried to limit me.


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