Friday, 4 May 2012

Action Flux

I'll admit it and I won't lie, the rage that could get you on the front page has got to me recently,  like a jigsaw piece it completes me perfectly. People often misjudge me, but it runs in my blood intensively.

I'm restless, I'm energetically  desperate ,  compressed stress of emotional aggressiveness . I won't settle for less, I'm hesitant , blood rushing in an instant I'm negligent. 
Pumping my fist as if I'm pissed at modern lovably youth I find so hard to co-exist with. Collapse on one knee and slit a wrist? Well you get the rest of the gist.

  Pretending outside with a stuck-up face, running at a fucked-up pace like a citizen about to erase, my head  in the air zoning out I'm looking into far distant space,  daydreaming still I barely remember how to tie a shoe-lace.
It's the only place that would put me at ease and make feel at grace, feeling like I'm flying above the human race, when in reality I'm realizing I'm drowning into another angst phase.

Now I'm not gonna cut my own ear off and give it, I just like to live it like no one else did it,  I make the most of it within my free spirit like I'm with it.
 I was born to paint this plain bleak industry  like I'm on ecstasy , make it look bad n pretty instead of throwing another hissy but my patience is growing thinly. It doesn't make me a sissy, jee! look listen I just want to make life easy and express my artistry until I'm spinning dizzy.

I'm only young just out of my teens still with ripped-up spit-on split like-a-git I-just-jizzed on-cigarette-buds-stuck-on-my denim's jeans, can't keep too much in a glass bottle I rather spill the beans with the sauce and cause a scene as I'm lacking nicotine.I don't mean to be mean buts it's all I can be. 
But it's okay I know myself to be extra clean, I'm not a  mean war veteran killing machine even though I'll like too, I just get extra jumpy n pushy from drinking way to much energy drinks caffeine 

At least somehow I try, to show everyone in the world including I, the worlds worth it, it's not worth to die. It's worth living the real life especially when worlds collide, so take a fresh step outside with your eyes open wide, take some pride there's no need to hide. Are you blind? I'm still standing right there at your side.

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